Learn AutoCAD for Free - Top Free Resources and Tutorials

Introduction: Learning how to use AutoCAD doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. Discover a curated list of top free resources, tutorials, and blogs that will help you master AutoCAD without breaking the bank. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced user, these resources offer valuable insights and guidance to enhance your AutoCAD skills.

Section 1: Free Online Tutorials and Courses

  1. myCADsite: Access free online AutoCAD tutorials for beginners and experienced users, organized into beginner, intermediate, 3D, and advanced levels. No registration required. Stay updated on news and tutorials by following myCADsite on Facebook or Twitter.

  2. Cadalyst: Explore a wide array of AutoCAD tutorials, tips, and training resources. Watch their extensive CAD tips video gallery to learn specific tasks in AutoCAD.

  3. CADTutor: Gain access to free tutorials, tips, and articles not only for AutoCAD but also for 3ds Max and other associated software applications. Engage with other CAD learners and professionals through the AutoCAD forums.

  4. Tutorial 45: Dive into a collection of free AutoCAD tutorials, practice exercises, command lists, 3D projects, and easy-to-follow how-to articles. Build a strong foundation with the basics you need.

Section 2: Top AutoCAD Blogs

  1. Ellen Finkelstein: Explore a rich repository of free AutoCAD tips, techniques, and tutorials organized into user-friendly categories. Find help with drawing, editing, 3D modeling, plotting, troubleshooting, and more.

  2. AutoCAD tutorial by Computer Aided Design Guide: Discover a comprehensive list of AutoCAD-related articles and tutorials on this CAD-focused blog. Bookmark this resource for easy access to AutoCAD tutorials.

  3. The CAD Setter Out: Find AutoCAD tutorials, tips, and tricks in one place. The blog is further categorized with tags like AutoCAD create, edit, productivity, document, and customization for effortless navigation.

  4. Draftperson.net: Access free AutoCAD tutorials, tips, tricks, and informative articles. Expand your knowledge with additional resources such as AutoCAD blocks and references.

Section 3: Noteworthy AutoCAD Blogs

  1. CadOasis: Delve into AutoCAD tutorials specifically designed to introduce essential functions to CAD users. Get a comprehensive overview of AutoCAD's key features.

  2. Blue Print Floor Plan: (Description or relevant details about the resource)

  3. Lynn Allen: Follow Lynn Allen's blog for valuable AutoCAD learning and news resources. Stay up-to-date on industry news, events, software updates, and features. Download PDF booklets containing tips and tricks to master AutoCAD.

  4. AutoCAD Tips Blog: Explore this blog for helpful AutoCAD tips catered to everyday users. Each tutorial is informative, easy to follow, and includes screenshots for a seamless learning experience.

Section 4: Informative AutoCAD Blogs and Resources

  1. CADnotes: Unlock a treasure trove of AutoCAD learning materials, tutorial series for beginners, articles, and productivity tips.

  2. The CAD Geek: Empower yourself with informative posts on AutoCAD and other CAD software. Gain insights beyond tutorials and software usage tips to develop a well-rounded view of the CAD industry.

  3. Through the Interface: Immerse yourself in over 900 articles on AutoCAD and explore AutoCAD DevBlog—a go-to resource for software developers. Solve programming problems and gain technical expertise in working with AutoCAD.

  4. Being Civil: Stay connected with the AutoCAD Civil 3D community through this AutoDesk blog. Discover user-submitted questions and answers, learn how AutoCAD Civil 3D is being used, and find inspiration for your projects.

Conclusion: Mastering AutoCAD is within your reach with these top free resources and tutorials. Explore the wealth of knowledge provided by these websites and blogs to enhance your skills, whether you're a beginner or an experienced user. Start your AutoCAD learning journey today and become a proficient AutoCAD user and professional.